Mission and Outreach

Giving Back to the Community You Love

Community service is a critical element of our beliefs and is embodied in our commitment to worship God by “living a life of loving service.” We firmly believe that the purpose of life is not to live for ourselves alone, but to live in love for each other as our Lord has done for us. We follow the biblical mandate to pay special attention to those who are on the margins of life—those who are poor or oppressed, those who are victims of injustice, those who are sick, those who are trapped in the prison of doubt.

We are a Matthew 25 Church

The Matthew 25 movement invites us to pledge to protect and defend the vulnerable in the name of Jesus. It is rooted in the Gospel text in which Jesus says that what we do to the most vulnerable among us (the hungry, the naked, the imprisoned, the stranger) we do to him.

The ruling elders of First Pres voted to endorse the Matthew 25 movement and for First Pres to become a Matthew 25 church, the fourth such church in our Presbytery. We invite you to join the First Pres Matthew 25 movement in whatever way you are comfortable: through prayer, participating in educational forums, and/or advocacy and partnership with immigrants and other vulnerable people in our own Presbytery.

If you are interested in expressing your faith through action and discovering Jesus in the “least of these,” please take the Matthew 25 movement pledge. For further information on how to get involved at First Presbyterian Church of Santa Monica, email us at info@fpcsantamonica.org.