“Share the Love” Lenten Mission Project – Upward Bound House

This year the Spiritual Growth Ministry Team has once again designated our Lenten “Share The Love” mission project to go to Upward Bound House, a leading provider of housing and services to homeless families with children under the age of 18. Family Place, located in Santa Monica, consists of 21 one-bedroom apartments designed to accommodate a family of up to four members for 3 to 6 months. Through “Share The Love”, we are asking all First Pres members and friends to help us collect items that will go toward furnishing an apartment in Family Place for a new family. We will keep a sign-up list of items to be donated on an easel board in the narthex as well here website so that you can sign-up to donate specific items. We hope that you will take the opportunity to participate in our Lenten mission project as you are able. We are excited about making mission a part of our Lenten disciplines.

Kitchen Items                                                 Bathroom Items
Pots & Pans                                                       Shower Curtain
Cookware                                                           Shower Curtain Liner
Utensils                                                              Shower Curtain Rings
Set of Dishes                                                      Bath Mat (for inside tub)
Set of Knives                                                      Bathroom Rugs
Mixing Bowls                                                      Towel Set (Bath, Hand, & Washcloth sizes)
Baking Dish                                                        Small Trash Can (4 gal)
Drinking Glasses                                                Toothbrush Holder
Toaster                                                                Toothpaste & Toothbrushes
Cutting Board                                                      Soap Dish & Soap (bars)
Coffee Maker/Tea Kettle                                     Toilet Paper
Coffee Mugs                                                        Toilet Brush
Measuring Cups
Water Pitcher                                                       Bedding
Can Opener                                                         Twin Comforter
Vegetable Peeler                                                 Twin Sheet Set
Paper Towel Holder/Paper Towels                       Full Comforter
Salt & Pepper Shakers                                         Full Sheet Set
Dish Rack                                                             Pillows
Tupperware Set                                                   Cleaning Supplies
Set of Placemats                                                  Dishwashing Soap
Large Trash Can (13 gal)                                     Broom & Dustpan
Febreeze                                                             Cleaning Products (Windex, Lysol, etc.)

Miscellaneous Items                                         Baby Items                                        
Alarm Clock                                                         Pack N’ PLay
Hangers                                                              Bed Rail
Laundry Detergent                                              Baby Bathtub
Laundry Basket                                                   Baby Blanket
Aluminum Foil                                                     Diaper Bag
Ziploc Bags                                                         Baby Toiletries
Trash Bags (13 gal & 4 gal)                                Baby Bath Towel