What Makes Us Unique

church courtyard at christmasAt First Pres, we understand and appreciate that God has not only blessed each of us with an individual and unique character, but also has worked through us to create a church community with its own distinct characteristics. While, ultimately, life and worship at FIRST PRES must be experienced to be understood, here are a few things that we think make us a little different from other churches you may have experienced:

First Pres is:

candles at evening taizé service

  • A church that welcomes all people, wherever they are on their spiritual journey.
  • A church that understands that a spiritual journey is neither a constant value nor a straight line, but a variety of experiences, some of which are individual and some of which are best experienced within a shared and supportive community.
  • A church that values diversity in ideas, discussion and dialogue as we seek to be God’s people in this time and this place.
  • A church that believes that God speaks to us not only through the Bible and prayer, but also through our day to day lives, and especially through each other. We try to listen for God’s message and purpose for us as we live each day.
  • We value the current perspectives, differing worldviews, and open discussion of ideas that all bring to our worship and our community. We believe that a diversity of people and a variety of ideas make a vital congregation.
  • A church that supports and embraces the arts. In worship, our music ranges from the classics to the contemporary. We provide support for local concert series. Artwork by the renowned artist Laddie John Dill welcomes you to our campus.


church family at beach“We discovered First Presbyterian Church after attending Donna Holloran’s Babygroup. We were attending another Presbyterian church but wanted to switch. We immediately loved the intimacy and community of First Pres, and the fact that the congregation was so open to varying political views and interfaith marriages. For the first time in my life, I did not have to filter out the political bias in a minister’s sermon. We loved that we got to know the minister pesonally, as well as other families that viewed faith and the world in the same way our family does. We are blessed that our daughter is able to attend the truly amazing First Pres Nursery School, which only furthers our ties to the First Pres community.”

— Caroline & Matt Kunitz