Pastor’s Pen

Welcome to our website.

First Presbyterian, Santa Monica, is a church with a glorious heritage an an exciting future. The church started in 1875 and has been a fixture in downtown Santa Monica ever since. It has a tradition of inspiring worship, community service, fellowship and care. We are a family of followers of Jesus who are seeking to become capable partners in God’s work of making our city and world a blessed place.

We grow into the people God calls us to become by connecting with and responding to God in our worship. We are constantly growing more spiritually mature through learning God’s wisdom. We become more gracious as we reflect Christ’s character in dealing with each other responsively and responsibly. We help and encourage each other to discover his or her unique calling to serve as God’s partners. We equip each other to feel competent and confident as ambassadors of God.

We invite you to go on this wonderful journey with us.


Pastor Tim