Adult Programs

scottish dancingWe offer a variety of learning programs for adults that seek to educate, enrich, and build community among our congregation. As people of faith we believe that we have a responsibility to continue the lifelong process of seeking further understanding of who God is and the meaning of His purpose in our lives. We also believe that we should continue to grow as individuals, parents, and community members. Our recurring programs are listed below, with special programs described on our News Page.

The Mariners Social is once a month on a Sunday following worship. Entertaining and informative programs are planned for the upcoming year.

Women’s Programs
Our Women’s programs create a vibrant and dynamic environment where women of all ages can find a place to grow in their relationship with Christ and each other. From weekly Bible studies to annual retreats, we are passionate about community, sharing our faith, and personal growth. Whether you are a new mom seeking encouragement and prayer or someone with a lot of questions about the Christian faith, you are welcome.

We are committed to …

Growing in our faith as a community
The Christian life was never meant to be experienced alone. We believe that as the church we are called to share in each other’s joy and sorrow. We are called to support and challenge each other. We seek to be a group of people that will do all these things as we also learn to love each other as Christ has loved us.

Solid Christian teaching
We are rooted firmly in the scriptures. We seek to be a place where people are challenged to use critical thinking, historical contexts, and rich biblical meditation to make informed choices about how best to live a life honoring God.

Integrating into the spiritual life of our neighborhood
As members of First Presbyterian Church, Santa Monica we have served, lived in, and loved the city of Santa Monica for over 130 years. It is our hope that our group can be a light to our neighborhood through acts of kindness and mercy. We also hope to be a refuge for people lost among the isolating shuffle that is life on on the Westside.

Integrating into the whole of the church body
There are many places on the Westside of Los Angeles to worship that focus solely on the needs of people in their 20s and 30s. We believe one of our greatest strengths is our connection to the larger church. Our greater church body consists of all generations and backgrounds. We work hard to make sure we have an outward focus that connects us people from all other walks of life in the city.

We are diverse in our work backgrounds …
We are young professionals, college students, married couples, and full time parents. No matter what your resume looks like you welcome to come and join us.

… in theology
Our group is composed of Christians that self identify as liberal, conservative, somewhere in between, and nothing at all. We believe this makes our community stronger. It challenges us to seek out God’s truth beyond our established traditions.

…in our places in this spiritual journey
Some of us are very new to the faith, some of us were born and raised into it. No matter how long you’ve been a Christian or how well versed you are in the bible you are invited to join us. Also, this is a safe place even if you are not a Christian and just looking for a place to be curious.

… in our cultural backgrounds
Some of us were born and raised in Santa Monica, others come from across the world. While our meetings are in English we are a group whose first languages at times include, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, and Japanese.

Over all, if you are interested in joining a group of people in their 20s and 30s that are committed to learning what it means to be following after Jesus as a community you should come join us!

For more information about these programs and worship services, call the church office at: 310.451.1303. Other groups include various bible study classes, the Wednesday morning workshop, Vawters’ Daughters, Men at the Manse. To have the monthly Window (newsletter) emailed to you, just email us at: